Ninth Fleet Headquarters Charter

Ninth Fleet Charter and Policies

1 - Our Fleet Mission

Welcome to the 9th Fleet and thank you for taking your the time to look over these rules, trust me it wont take too long. We at 9th Fleet believe in simple rules that can be easily enforced or adhered too and mainly revolve around common sense. We believe that every member should be able to have fun when participating with the 9th Fleet, after all its a game. We promote the following traits, helpfullness, positive attitude, teamwork and as mentioned and most importantly fun. So as to not complicate matters we have a few rules and afew guidlines.

2 - Code of Conduct

Simply put 'treat people how you wish to be treated', if this is not your way then 9th Fleet is not the place for you. Use your common sense when using language and participating in divisive conversations, if you are asked to tone it down then do so, simple. What we will not tolerate is abuse, persistent foul language, sexually explicit language. This fleet is not just full of men we have minors and ladies aswell. This rule also applies to spoken communication as well a written text.

2a - Procedure for investigation of Code of Conduct violations

Take a screenshot of the infraction and send a link to your Division Commanding Officer. Your Division CO will bring this to the attention of the Command Staff. For spoken infractions, if possible take a recording and upload it with a link once again to your Division CO. Once the investigation is complete action will be taken as appropriate, however, do not be surprised if the offender is removed from the fleet. Beware that no action can be taken without some form of proof. I would also like to add that if a person is consistantly intolerant of other peoples views, namely thin skinned, I may suggest that 9th Fleet is not the place for you and were possible common sense should prevail.

3 - Dual Fleeting

We dont want to stop anyone playing with established freinds in whichever fleet they may reside in, however, sometimes that might not be the best course of action for the fleet. We do allow Dual Fleeting but under certain circumstances and again it boils down to common sense.
I. Ask your Faction CO if this is ok. Let that person know which fleet you are going to operate with and why. The reason for this is that we may as a fleet be in a position to assist better or grow closer relations with others.
II. If the Faction CO is unsure pass the request onto the Division CO.
III. If the request is not accepted then one calender month must elapse before making a further request. Dont spam your CO's if you cant get your own way, and CO's please give a good reason why a request has been declined.
If you are in a Command position, either fleet command staff, division or faction commnad then dual fleeting is not applicable to you. You may request it by contacting the Fleet Personnel Officer who will consult with the Fleet Executive Officer. As above the name of the fleet and reasons for dual citizenship must be given. We do not like our commanders dual fleeting as they are commanders who should be running elements of our fleet.

4 - Organisation and Ranks

While we are gaming community, we base our organisation on the military model, ranks used are those used with the Star trek universe. Our ranks are used to represent position, experience and also to give a good idea of membership length. Regardless of rank all members are considered valuable from the longest serving members right down to the cadets still in probation. We also like to keep as much communication flowing between our senior members and our junior officers, this will help to keep enthusiasm up and will only benefit the fleet as a whole. There is always the question of promotion. The one and only real factor for consideration is fleet activity. This covers a fair amount of ground, and is mostly the responsiblity of senior officers to not only keep a regular assessment of junior members, but to keep interest alive by giving promotions regularly. We consider it unfair (especially considering this is all in fun) to base qualifacations for promotion merely upon one single factor, such as game ability. On the other side of the coin, it wouldn't do much good to give promotions too often. If you were promoted once a week, for example, it wouldn't be long before there were no ranks left to move up to. It requires something of a balancing act which does take members some time to move on through the system.

Our policies concerning the current Fleet Organization are as follows:

    Current Fleet Structure

    4a Senior Command Staff
  • Sharpe: Admiral (Commander)
  • Sochin: Rear Admiral (Deputy Commander)

    4b Flag Officers
  • Intecity125: Rear Admiral (Chief of Staff)
  • CRalston: Commodore (STO Division Commander)
  • Hunt: Commodore (RP Division Commander)
  • Sideswipe: Fleet Captain (ADC to RAdm Intercity and Forum Admin)
  • [Vacant]: Commodore
  • [Vacant]: Commodore
  • [Vacant]: Commodore

Dependent on the number of operational divisions the number of command staff and associated ranks may vary.

For a member to be considered for promotion into the grade of Flag Officer (Commodore to Vice Admiral) he or she must meet the following requirements.
The person has to have been sponsored by a senior rank and gain 50% of the command staff officers approval for selection.

Note: This also applies to demotions. An officer may be demoted with a majority vote of all command staff, Fleet CO counting as two votes. The Fleet CO may also temporarily revoke a members access rights and promotions for a period of 10 days with no consultation. This normally applies to any pending disciplinary procedures.

4- Officer Promotions

    4-1 Flag Officer Promotions (Commodore to Vice Admiral)
    For a member to be considered for promotion into the grade of Flag Officer he must meet the following requirements:
  • Be recommended by 50% of his peers.
  • Be sponsored by 1 person of Higher Rank than himself.
  • Have the favorable endorsement of 50% of the Officers holding the rank in question.
  • If the above sections are met, than the Officer’s status is changed to requested rank (select), pending formal appointment to the rank by the Command Staff.
  • While selected for promotion the Fleet Admiral may "Frock" the Officer to the rank selected if he deems there is an immediate need for action to be taken.
    The Fleet Admiral may revoke any promotion of any fleet member temporarily without the input of the command staff for a period of up to 10 days.
    The Fleet Command Staff may relieve any Officer with a simple majority, the Fleet Admiral’s vote counting as 2.

    4-2 Line Officer Promotions (Commander to Fleet Captain)
    For a member to be considered for promotion into the Line Officer grade he must meet the following requirements:
  • Be nominated for promotion by the Officers Squadron commander, or in the absence of a squadron CO, be nominated by a Flag Officer.
  • Have the endorsement of a Flag Officer.
  • Have the Officer appointed to the rank by a member of the command staff.

    4-3 Operating Forces Promotions (Lt. Commander and below)
    For a member to be considered for promotion in the Operating Forces he must meet the following requirements:
  • Be nominated and promoted by the Officers Squadron Commander.
  • In the absence of a squadron commander be nominated by a Flag Officer, and have the endorsement of two Line Officers or higher.

5 - Retirement Policy
Any person wishing to retire may do so and be placed in the retired officers group. This could be for many reasons and is usually associated with a change in personell circumstances. We do not wish to loose good members hence why we keep retired officers in there own usergroup within the forums. A member may return to active status.
I. User placed into retirement retain there present rank up to and including Captain. Senior offiers who retire will be given the rank of Captain.

6 - Recruiting Guidelines
See Recruitment sub forum for further information.

7 - Use of Forums
In the past we have not enforced the use (registration and use) of the forums, however, with the limitations of certain games it is increasingly apparent that we will need to enforce this general guidline. As stated above we want to maintian a good level of communication between all our members as this aids efficiency through out the whole of the fleet.

8 - Inactivity and Leave of Absence
Our guidlines regarding this are simple if you are inactive (within STO) your are placed inactive. If you are inactive for more than 90 days you a removed from the roster. If however, you return you will be readmitted to the fleet. If you know you are going to be away for a longer period just let us know, we do not want to know why as this is usually a private matter. Before you go on LOA just put LOA in the comments section of your charachters and they will be left alone, no note or contact will result in the normal procedure being applied.